Avoiding a Stalker

Obsession can be a powerful tool when it comes to making major scientific discoveries or tracking down buried treasure. It should never be part of a relationship in any way, and it should be recognized as a dangerous attribute in a former relationship partner. Some people fail to recognize that the person trying to get them to go out with them is obsessed, and avoiding a stalker before dating is important for mental, emotional and physical health.

When a single person is looking for someone they might want to get into a relationship with, they often have their own feelings as a guide. They may not want to go out with someone they perceive as a person with lower moral values than their own. They could find that being pestered by another person for a date is also less than appealing. This lack of interest should be noted and followed up on, and it could be a good way to avoid being stalked.

Many people with obsessive personalities may have begun stalking a person before the two have ever met. They might have been attracted to their person’s looks, or they could find other reasons that make them want to be with that person no matter what it takes. This type of behaviour is dangerous, but it is also difficult to identify before dating a person. There may be small slips where the person admits more knowledge than they should have, and this alone may be the only indication of their true personality.

It would be best for a single person to avoid a stalker, but it is not always possible. It should be noted that the lack of indications that a person has an obsessive personality means that the person they date should not believe that being stalked is ever their fault. Once they do realize something is wrong, extricating themselves from the relationship is paramount, and they should notify authorities is the person continues to come after them.