Emotional Turmoil

When two people have been in a relationship for a while, they often know exactly what buttons to push to guilt their partner into doing things. Few people have found guilt to be a good basis for a continuing relationship, but it is often how some people navigate through life. For those who have decided to end a relationship, the emotional turmoil they feel might be from their former partner making them feel guilty for ending the relationship.

It is unhealthy to be in a relationship where one person has complete control, and this is often the goal of a stalker. They will use love, hate, fear, and guilt to get whatever they want. When the relationship has ended, they will continue to use whatever means are necessary to get the person back. Being the victim of this type of manipulation can cause a person to drop into depression, but it can also create a situation that is dangerous.

Stalkers are not in love with their victims, and the reality is that they are simply trying to ensure they are the centre of that person’s world. Creating emotional turmoil in their victim is part of how they exert their control over the other person, so it could be best to not show it. Even if the person being stalked is on the edge of disaster due to sleepless nights and endlessly being chased, the look of strength can eventually push their stalker to move on to someone else.

It is generally not easy to end a relationship, but remaining in one that does not work can be much worse. For those former partners discovering the other person’s personality is leading them into the realm of becoming a stalker, staying strong will help. Contacting the authorities, alerting family and friends, and finding ways to remain safe are all contributing factors that may keep the stalker far away.