Surviving the Stress

Being stalked has finally been taken seriously, but not all incidents are treated correctly by authorities. While they may be willing to issue a restraining order, it may do little or nothing to stop the stalker. This person may be living in a fantasy world where they rationalise the authorities are keeping the one they love from them. It can cause them to redouble their efforts, and it can create more pressure on their victim to give in. Surviving the stress can be difficult, but it can be done with the right attitude and tools.

Few situations in the world last forever, but the emotional toll of being stalked is one where the end can come quickly and painfully for the victim. Their stalker may elevate to the point where they will kidnap or kill the victim. Knowing it is a possibility can ratchet up the stress level of the person being pursued, but they will need to remain calm and alert to avoid any possible danger.

A positive outlook might seem impossible while being stalked, but it is one of the best tools to help fight the stress that can cloud thinking. Being aware at all times and alert for danger requires a person to set aside their stress. Clear thinking is often what will help them physically survive during a physical attack, and it can keep them from giving in to the demands of a deranged person.

Learning how to remain positive and avoid the pitfalls of stress takes knowledge and effort. Deep breathing to let out the anger and fear is one way to keep emotional balance, and it can help a person take advantage of any opportunities they have to escape. Being positive is about winning in this dangerous situation, but it can also help the victim after their stalker has been arrested and incarcerated or confined in a mental health facility.