The Claim of Love

For those who have become obsessed with a former partner, the world they inhabit is not one of reality. They might believe their former partner is being kept from them by outside influences, and they could see them as victims being held against their will. Many stalkers offer the claim of love for their former partner, but it is untrue. Their emotions have been fixed into an unhealthy delusion, and staying away from them as much as possible is best for all parties.

It can be almost impossible for the victim of a stalker to understand what is happening, but they need to realize the other person has a narrowing vision of the world. Their former relationship that ended has only ended for the victim, and the other person’s mind is filling in details that are not part of what really went on. The obsessed person will continue to create the relationship on their own until they can find a way to force the other person back into it, or they might be willing to settle for their death if they do not cooperate with the fantasy.