The Emotional Toll

For those who have left a relationship only to find their previous partner has turned into a stalker, the emotional toll on them can take many forms. Some of them will simply be irritated until the other person finally gets the message, but others can feel the fear of being hunted. There is little or no relief for some of them, and damage can build up over time to their emotional self. Overcoming the feelings of helplessness and anger can turn into rage or depression if the situation continues with no forecast of relief.

One of the biggest issues with stalkers is that they can be very cunning, and they often hide their activities. They might follow a person relentlessly, but few others will ever see them. Their ability to hide is one that seems to develop as they drop deeper into their own fantasy world, and many of them have been quite successful at becoming chameleons as they track their prey.

Getting other people to believe they are being stalked can be difficult, and the victim can begin to find that frustration is being added to the irritation they already feel. The stalker is often careful to ensure they leave behind no clues when they contact their victim, so being able to prove they are being harassed becomes just another issue faced by the victim. A feeling of being powerless to control their own life is what the stalker seeks, and they can quickly provide that feeling when they continue to do their work without being discovered.

For those who have experienced the attentions of a stalker over even a few months, nervous tics and anxiety issues can show up. Their natural instincts of fight or flight are being negated by the stalker, and they feel there is nowhere to turn. While modern authorities have recognized these issues, there are times they can do little unless the victim can give them proof of being stalked.